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The OVA7000, OVA7000 Dual Cell and OVA5000 are fully automated on-line metal monitors to provide continuous or intermittent monitoring of metals in process streams, effluent discharges, river and potable water.

The OVA7000, OVA7000 Dual Cell and OVA5000 utilize internationally recognized voltammetry (ASV and CSV) technology, which provides quick and accurate determination of metals at the micrograms per liter (ppb) level, directly comparable with laboratory analysis using AAS or ICP.

They can provide real-time monitoring of several concurrent sample streams, configured to individual customer requirements. Sample pre-treatment may include digestion for elimination of potential interference, although ASV is not affected by aluminium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, chlorine or other salts, often present in industrial samples which can cause problems with other analysis methods.

Modern Water’s OVA7000 can be fitted with a variety of options for pre-treatment and sampling to enable accurate analysis of most types of water.

Key features:

  • 24 hour monitoring of up to 3 sample streams in effluent or (6 in drinking water)
  • Pre-treatment options of acid/UVdigest to eliminate interferences and allow total and dissolved concentrations to be monitored
  • Modular construction
  • Results stored on solid-state internal memory
  • Programmable alarm outputs for out-of-range samples or system faults
  • Solid electrodes – no hazardous elemental mercury
  • Multi-element analysis configurations available