Spartan Ozone Systems

Spartan has expertise in integrating ozone generators and other  advanced oxidation systems to solve water treatment problems.  Our experience in ozone water treatment systems and  process engineering can assist you in fitting one of our packages into your process, making integration from engineering to startup as seamless as possible.   All our systems, from small skid mounted units to large containerized systems incorporate the latest in computer controlled automation. Spartan serves industrial and governmental water treatment applications (see our list of clients).

Our ozone generators and other products find use in a wide variety of application including:

  • Drinking Water Treatment
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  • Ozone Treatment of Cooling Towers
  • Food and Beverage Processing
  • Ozone Ground Water Remediation

Ozone Water Treatment

Ozone water treatment is our primary offering and serves a wide variety of applications in industrial, commercial and municipal settings. The success of ozone in these applications is due several factors:

  • Ozone is an extremely powerful oxidant and disinfectant that acts quickly at low concentrations in many water purification applications. Ozone’s oxidation power can be further enhanced by combining it with peroxide or UV to create advanced oxidation processes.
  • Ozone breaks down into oxygen after it has completed it role as oxidant or disinfectant minimizing any environmental impact.
  • An ozone generator (ozonator) produces ozone on-site eliminating the need to store other, potentially hazardous, chemicals.
  • Ozone generators have become highly reliable and economical with over a century of use and development.

We provides a wide range of ozone generators, including support equipment and complete turn key systems. The website contains detailed information on what composes a complete ozone water treatment system and how the individual components work. Ozone generator can be supplied producing from one lb/day to over nearly 1,400 lbs/day of ozone. These systems are capable of treating up to 80 MGD of drinking water. The website also contains useful ozone water treatment papers and presentations that can be downloaded.

Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) are used for industrial process and wastewater applications. AOP and EOD are focused on difficult to treat applications where conventional treatment solutions either do not work or are uneconomical.