Water Level Transducers


KPSI, LT and TruBlue water level, temperature and pressure transducers. Our expertise in media isolated pressure sensors offers unique advantages in creative product development and consistent product performance. Water level transducers can be customized and are available in a wide range of accuracies, materials, and cabling. With your choice of analog or digital output, our sensors are easily adapted to any data system. Or, use self-powered units with onboard memory for long term deployment. We also provide water quality instrumentation for analyzing lakes, rivers, estuaries, and aquifers worldwide. Our CTD models measure conductivity, temperature, and depth critical to water resources improvement and preservation.

Product Selection Guide

The Product Selection Guide (link above) is a good start, but we suggest you contact us for the following

  1. Ask us how to construct a part number so we can help you place your order and receive your level transducers.
  2. Provide a budgetary price for a planned project. Then ask application questions.
  3. Ask to see samples. We have a set of demo equipment we can bring to you.
    Call 504-500-1322, or email info@truwinr.com
  4. Would you like to know how to calculate the range you need?
    We have a technical guide we can send you.
  5. Would you like to know how these level transducers work and their history?
    We can send you the link.

FYI – How to configure KPSI Liquid Level Transducer Part Numbers (video).

FYI – The History of Measurement Specialties, the brands it has acquired and more