Digital Temperature Transducers KPSI 380

KPSI 380 –0.1OC SDI-12 Temperature Transducer

KPSI 380

The KPSI 380 submersible temperature transducer represents the leading edge of temperature sensing technology available today. Incorporating a highly stable media-isolated sensor, the KPSI 380 features a SDI-12 or RS-485 Communication Interface option.
SDI-12 is a standard for interfacing data recorders with microprocessor-based sensors, especially in the environmental monitoring field.  It is an excellent solution for applications that require minimal current drain. This Nickel RTD, highly stable temperature transducer consists of a welded 316 Stainless Steel body construction with custom polyurethane cable lengths and optional lifetime lightning protection. The KPSI 380 calibration is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).NIST-1

  • Stream Gauging
  • Surface Water Monitoring
  • Aquifer Characterization and Groundwater Monitoring
  • Storm Water
  • Dam Operations
  • Thermo Electric Water Discharge
  • Aquaculture and Egg Hatcheries
KPSI 380
Water LevelSensors
  • Sensor Type Digital Submersible Temperature Sensors
  • Type Temperature
  • Nose Cap Ported 
  • Body Welded 316SS or Titanium
  • Accuracy 0.1° C
  • Resolution ±0.01ºC 
  • Response Time 2 Min. ((63.2%) for 25ºC submersion step at 1m/s flow )
  • Calibrated Temperature Range -5 to 45ºC
  • Operating Temperature -20 – 60°C
  • Stability ±0.05ºC (per 12 Months)
  • Electrical Connection Overmold Cable Seal
  • Output/Span RS-485 with SDI-12 Protocol, SDI-12
  • Supply Voltage 6 – 28 V
  • Overpressure 2X FS
  • Port Material   316 SS, Polyoxymethylene, Polyurethane
  • Optional lifetime lightning protection
  • Warranty Two years