AquaProfiler® M PRO

AquaProfiler M ProAquaProfiler M Pro2


Sensor 2 x velocity 1 x water level 1x temperature
Frequency 2 MHz
Range velocity ± 5 m/s water level (hydrostatic) 0 – 4 m temperature 0°-40°C
Accuracy ± 1% of measured value for value v ± 0,1% for value h (hydrostatic) ± 0,3°C for temperature
Cable 5 or 10 m from sensor to backpack
Power Supply rechargeable battery pack LiFePO4 6.000 mAh
Dimensions 210 x 160 x 61 mm (LxWxH)
Accessories backpack to fit all components


Application of AquaProfiler® M-Pro

The mobile ultrasonic flow profiler AquaProfiler® M PRO is an acoustic doppler velocimeter that operates in a manner very similar to an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP). The primary difference is that the probe is kept fixed on the channel bottom and provide vertical velocity data in up to 128 cells. Due to the very small cell size (0,005 m), a resolution of the vertical velocity distribution can be achieved which was unthinkable a few years ago. HydroVision has made excellent progress in signal processing that dramatically improve the capability to work also in low backscatter environments.   In summary it can be said: The AquaProfiler® M-Pro is a flow meter that extends the capability of making flow measurements to a range of situations under which standard current meter techniques (mechanical or electromagnetic) cannot be used.     AquaProfiler M PRO mobile ultrasonic flowmeter for rivers and open channels   AquaProfiler M mobile ultrasonic flowmeter for rivers and open channels