Total Chlorine and Multi-Parameter Analyzer


Blue-I HYdroGuard HG-602 Amperometric Analyzer

HYDROGUARD HG-TotalCl amperometric technology provides versatile multi parameter measurements for industrial applications. A complete, flexible solution to fit any application is guaranteed by allowing any combination of online measurements in a single system including:

  • Total Chlorine (0-10 ppm)
  • Conductivity
  • Turbidity
  • pH
  • ORP
  • Temperature
  • Flow

Stable and Reliable chlorine measurements are ensured with integrated pH and temperature compensation, which is capable to accurately monitor chlorine levels with pH range from 6 to 8 and temperatures as low as 1° and  as high as 50°C. Safety is guaranteed via 2 simultaneous chlorine dosing systems, ensuring constant operation and safety via automatic back-up operation. Integrated flow switch prevents chlorination or addition of chemicals when there is no flow. Furthermore, a worry free system is facilitated through self-cleaning pre-filter.
Accurate online measurements and reduced maintenance of once-a-year save periodic visits and expenses. The HYDROGUARD HG- TotalCl reliable operation, easy installation and minimized maintenance reduce the product’s Total Cost-of-Ownership.
The HYDROGUARD HG-TotalCl offers extensive real-time remote reporting and control including wireless communication to operations center, remote setup and data alerts to other applications. Interfaces with external equipment include industry standard 4-20mA indication and alarm relays support.

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