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Welcome to TruWinR Corporation, a Louisiana-based corporation focusing on end-to-end environmental monitoring and control solutions for refineries, municipalities, power producers, chemical manufacturers involving environmental monitoring, water metering, chemical analysis, unified communications, cyber security for public utilities and field services.

Our products and services can be easily divided into three categories: Air Monitoring, Water Monitoring and IT, Telecommunications & Infrastructure.

Air monitoring includes products to assist organizations that are trying to maintain compliance with state and federal regulation on emissions. Examples of these products include Continuous Emission Monitors (CEMs), in addition to Tuneable Diode Lasers (TDLs), flow and particulate analyzers. Our principal supplier, Cemtek KVB-Enerec, integrates any and all manufacturers equipment and includes the permit preparation, design, install, startup, calibration, RATA certification, training and maintenance of the designed system. In addition, Cemtek KVB-Enerec has a nationwide network of field service engineers that can react quickly to incidents that threaten to violate a client’s permit.

Water monitoring includes potable water, wastewater and solids. We carry several manufacturers that supply products in each area. We are trained and experienced in these products for all three areas. We can provide budgetary pricing, specifications, calibration services, startup, training and maintenance. Accusonic flowmeters are among the best in the world and have been used on many large projects in the USA and many other countries. References of these projects are available upon request.

IT, Telecommunications & Infrastructure include Voice and Video solutions that can be integrated into a single Unified Network to achieve unparalleled efficiency and security. A Unified Network is a good way to improve a buildings Leed Certification. Our Voice as a service solution incorporates PolyCom Hi-Definition handsets which need to be experienced to be believed. Axis Communications, who invented and then miniaturized the IP-Video platform has the finest products on the market. LED Lighting for Utilities, Public Works Departments and Highways can significantly lower the energy cost for a building, parking lot, road and highway. It can also extend the intervals between lamp replacement. We offer these solutions as well as cyber security solutions focusing on the protection of Utilities and Power Companies, Refineries, Chemical Manufacturers, Water Distribution and Waste-Water Treatment. The US DHS has put all these organizations on a protection map which we hope to support. Our resources have experience working at and with DHS.