AquaProfiler® M

mobile acoustic flow profiler

AquaProfiler M ProThe AquaProfiler® is a line of acoustic doppler velocimeter flow meters for permanently installed and portable applications. The AquaProfiler® precisely measures water velocities in open channels and pipes. With its high accuracy and competitive cost, the AquaProfiler® is a perfect choice for long-term real-time monitoring or to obtain instantaneous measurements where time savings are an important aspect. It uses advanced Doppler technology to establish the velocity in many separate space points (cells) along the measurement axis and develop the flow profile.

AquaProfiler® M
point velocity

AquaProfiler M portable ultrasonic flowmeter


Sensor 1 x velocity
1 x water level
1x temperature
Frequency 6 MHz
Range velocity 0-3 m/s
water level (hydrostatic) 0 – 4 m
temperature 0° – 50°C
Accuracy ± 1% of measured value for value v
± 0,1% for value h (hydrostatic)
± 0,3°C for temperature
Cable 5 or 10 m from sensor to backpack
Power Supply rechargeable battery pack LiFePO4 6000 mAh
 Operation +24 hours (sensor & transmitter) tablet operation depending on model used
Dimensions Ø 45mm, length: 290 mm
Accessories backpack to fit all components

Application of AquaProfiler® M

The AquaProfiler® M is a high-precision point-velocity meter. It use a complex pulse-to-pulse coherent sampling scheme that gives the instrument high precision in measurement of velocity within a very small volume a few centimeters in front of the sensor. The small sampling volume provides velocity data that can be considered as point velocities.

The advantages over mechanical meters include: no moving parts, thus less maintenance required, minimal flow disturbance, velocity measurements as low as 0,005 m/s and minimum operating depth of 2 cm.

AquaProfiler M mobile ultrasonic flowmeter beams

AquaProfiler M Thumb