Transit Time Flow Measurement

  • A cross-section view of a 1 plane transducer configuration
    Transit Time - 1 Plane
When sound propagates through water, pressure fluctuations can be detected. They travel through the water, the channel or the pipe as sound waves. With our instruments it is possible to record these ultrasound waves. Depending on the measurement technique applied, we detect the Transit Time with and against the flow direction.
When an acoustic wave propagates in water, part of the energy is damped by friction and suspended solids. This procedure is frequency-related. The higher the frequency, the bigger the damping. For wider distances we use low frequencies as they allow for a considerably better receiver signal.

Fluvius TT
Fluvius TT ECM-IE – Ultrasonic multi-path Flow Meter
Open channel flow meter for discharge measurement in rivers and open channels

Kanalis TT
Digital Correlation Transit Time Flow Meter
Flow measurement in Open Channels.
Kanalis TT MT
Acoustic Multi-Path Flow Meter