Ductus TT

Ultrasonic multipath flowmeter

Ultrasonic flow meters have established themselves as a reliable and convenient for flow monitoring in pipes with a diameter of more than 20″(50cm). We recommend taking measurements across several planes. For these applications, our fixed equipment installation is the best solution for verifying accuracy and repeatability. If thee is any deterioration of the signal, the Ductuss TT system will detect it and corrections can be implemented immediately.
Ductus TT ultrasonic flow meter


Acoustic Paths 1 – 8
Accuracy ± 0,5% with 8 paths
Range ± 20 m/s
Display 4 lines, 20 characters
Datalogger internal, sampling interval user selectable
Communication RS-232, MODBUS, Ethernet, USB
Inputs max. 8 x 4-20 mA
Outputs max. 4 x 4-20 mA

2 x Relay, 2 x Pulse

Power Supply 85-264 VAC (50-60 Hz) or 12 VDC
Battery Backup integrated, 2 Ah
Enclosure Steel, wall mounted
Dimensions 400 x 500 x 160 mm (WxHxD)


Internal Mount & Feedthrough

Several styles of transducers are available. Internal mount assemblies can be fixed directly to the wall. The transducers are aligned by rotating them in their mounting into a predefined position. They are then fixed in place by tightening Feedtrough assemblies for installation through exposed penstock walls with access to the interior and exterior of the penstock flow meter section.

Ductus TT internal mount ultrasonic flow meter DUCTUS TT transducer Feedthrough-35 insertion type ultrasonic flowmeter DUCTUS TT transducer Feedthrough-35 insertion type ultrasonic flowmeter

Internal Mount

Feedthrough 35

Feedthrough 45

Frequency 200 kHz 200 kHz 200 kHz
Beam Width 18° (-3dB) 10° (-3dB) 10° (-3dB)
Configuration IEC41 / ASMEPTC 18 IEC41 / ASME PTC 18 IEC41 / ASMEPTC 18
Pipe Diameter 1,0 m to 15 m 0,3 m to 15 m 0,3 m to 15 m
Pipe Wall Thickness
– welding socket n.a. up to 40 mm up to 40 mm
-thread n.a. up to 70 mm up to 70 mm
Pressure Rate 60 bar

other ranges upon request

60 bar

other ranges upon request

16 bar

other ranges upon request

Material  Stainless Steel / Polyamid Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Cable twisted pair with shield twisted pair with shield twisted pair with shield
Cable Length  max. 1000 m max. 1000 m max. 1000 m
Temperature Range -10° to 60°C -20° to 60°C -20° to 60°C
Dimensions  320 x 100 x 70 mm


 Ø 1 1/2“

Length 181 mm

 Ø 1 1/2“

Length 194 mm

Installation From the inside When pipe can be dewatered for installation.

Designed to allow removal of the entire transducer for repair, replacement or cleaning without dewatering the pipe.

4 planes crossed
according to IEC 41 / ASME PTC 18

Ductus TT multipath ultrasonic flow meter solution

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