Product Overview

In North America many drinking water treatment plants determine their CT requirements using worst case month or even annual PH, Temp and flow rate values. This results in costly disinfectant overdosing and the formation of unnecessary and dangerous disinfection by-products (DBPs).

ODM (Online Disinfection Manager) was developed by Hydromantis Inc., to give plant operations staff a tool to allow them to better manager the operation of their facility and thus provide a safer drinking water with minimum DBPs. ODM automatically calculates the right concentration of chemical dosage required for current conditions using real-time data. ODM utilizes WatPro linked with online sensors and to provide real-time tracking of disinfection performance. Plant operations staff utilize output from ODM predictions to help optimize chemical dosage.

Success Stories

Recent success at the City of Toronto Horgan treatment plant demonstrated ODM could save significant chemical costs and help maintain a safe drinking water quality. The Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) verified it’s ability as a tool to optimize plant operations at Horgan.


  • Turnkey installation by Hydromantis (configure WATPRO with plant specific site data, interface with SCADA online sensors and tag names, investigate optimization strategies, integrate with existing systems, provide training and ongoing technical support, allow access to Hydromantis drinking water specialists).
  • Reflects Industry Best Practice
  • Automatically calculates DBP residual and suggests correct dose as a function plant variables (Ph, temp, flow, disinfection concentration)
  • Allows offline analysis of plant optimization options
  • Allows plant staff to see CT and Giardia / virus inactivation immediately

For more details and an estimate of plant specific costing contact info@old.truwinr.com