3-in-1 Water Analyzer

3-in-1 Water Quality Analyzer with Turbidity, Free chlorine, and/or Total chlorine in one unit

Customized Multi-Parameter System

Blue-I HYdroGuard HG-702 Turbi-Plus®

HYDROGUARD® HG-702 Turbi-Plus® is the best in its class, bringing the accuracy of the lab test to online water quality measurements. Multi-angle nephelometry white light (90˚) turbidity measurement is combined with the colorimetric DPD (N,N-diethyl-p-phenylenediamine) chemistry measuring Free and/or Total residual chlorine to deliver the most accurate results. The analyzer can be adapted to each sites unique needs by allowing a combination of additional measurements in a single system, such as pH, temperature, conductivity, and flow.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

HYDROGUARD® HG-702 Turbi-Plus assures longer maintenance intervals. Detailed maintenance reminders and alarms provide useful data on events, timing and causes, so that you can respond effectively. HG-702 analyzers perform self-calibration and self- cleaning and show long-term stabilization. Manual procedures such as periodic reagent replacement, are easy to perform and do not require specialized skills.

  •    Water reservoirs
  •    Water sources
  •    Municipal water treatment
  •    Municipal water distribution systems
  •    Cooling towers
  • Power industry
  • Food and beverage
  • Desalination plants
  • Turbidity measurement 0-200 NTU
  • Multi-angle scattered white light method
  • Free and/or total chlorine 0-10ppm
  • Conductivity 0-10,000µS/cm (optional)
  • Configurable measurement interval: 2 to 10 minutes
  • Low reagent consumption (DPD) (~0.03ml/sample)
  • self-zero measurement before each reading, enables “0” reading
  • Reagent mixing, sample de-bubbling and cell cleaning all performed by one unit
  • Works in harsh conditions

This analyzer is compatible with WaterGuard

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