Cactus UV Purifier

The Cactus UV Purifier allows you to stay protected from E-coli, Crypto, Bacteria, Virus by protecting your water with UV bombardment. UV light passes through the bacterias’ cell walls and destroying their DNA. They are then unable to reproduce.
Cactus 8 and 12 both utilizes the patented UV-Pure Crossfire Technology. While Cactus systems are engineered and competitively priced for smaller scale applications, they retain the core features of Crossfire Technology including easy lamp replacement, elliptical reflectors for maximum dose, and visual quartz inspection. Users of the Cactus 8 UV Purifier are able to take advantage of UV Pure’s patented Crossfire Technology – the global gold standard used in thousands of industrial and municipal applications. It was chosen by Boeing® to purify water on board the new 787 Dreamliner®.


                    Cactus 8
                        15 GPM
                    Cactus 12
                     24 GPM