Order SH

How to order of SH series
How to order of SH series
number 1 Style and Heavy duty 1 Setting type
2 Setting type (Heavy duty)
3 Grip type
2 Grip type (Heavy duty)
number 2 Guard Form 1 Flat (only SH-1*, SH-3*)
2 φ20mm
3 φ30mm
4 φ40mm
5 φ50mm
6 φ60mm
number 3 Thermocouple K Chromel-Alumel
E Chromel-Constantan
number 4 Cable Type
see cable page
TS For SH-1*, SH-2* (Setting type)
TC For SH-3*, SH-4* (Grip type)
number 5 Cable Length 1 1000mm
1.5 1500mm
2 2000mm
2.5 2500mm
number 6 Plug
see plug page
number1Style and Heavy duty

You can choose Style and Heavy duty as below.

Setting Type Standard
Heavy Duty
1 :
2 :
Model SH-14
Grip Type Standard
Heavy Duty
3 :
4 :
Model SH-46
number 2Guard Form

You can choose Guard Form φ as below.

Guard Form
Tolerance ±2.5°C (at 100°C surface)
Response time 5.0 s
Durability rank SH-1*, SH-3* : B
SH-2*, SH-4* : A
Max. Temp 250°C
* : Number
■ : Thermocouple type K or E
t : Measured temperature
Temperature range Tolerance (Surface)
0°C ≦ t ≦ 200°C ±2.5°C
200°C < t ≦ 250°C ±3.0°C