Order MW

How to order of MW series
How to order of MW series
number 1 Head Size
(Wire diameter)
3 For φ0.65 to 3mm
(MW-*1, MW-*2, MW-*3)
4 For φ3 to 15mm
(MW-*4, MW-*5, MW-*6)
number 2 Roller Size
(Wire diameter)
1 φ0.65 to 1mm (for MW-3*)
2 φ1 to 2mm (for MW-3*)
3 φ2 to 3mm (for MW-3*)
4 φ3 to 5mm (for MW-4*)
5 φ5 to 10mm (for MW-4*)
6 φ10 to 15mm (for MW-4*)
number 3 Thermocouple K Chromel-Alumel
E Chromel-Constantan
number 4 Cable type
see cable page
number 5 Cable length 1 1000mm
1.5 1500mm
2 2000mm
2.5 2500mm
number 6 Plug
see plug page
number 1Head Size

You can choose Head size as below.

number 3Roller Size

You can choose Roller size as below.

Wire diameter Head size
1 φ0.65 to 1mm roller_1
2 φ1 to 2mm
3 φ2 to 3mm
4 φ3 to 5mm roller_2
5 φ5 to 10mm
6 φ10 to 15mm
Tolerance ±2.5°C (at 100°C surface)
Response time 5.0 s
Durability rank S
Max. Temp 250°C
* : Number
■ : Thermocouple type K or E
t : Measured temperature
MW-3*■ / MW-4*■
Temperature range Tolerance (Surface)
0°C ≦ t ≦ 200°C ±2.5°C
200°C < t ≦ 250°C ±3.0°C