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Rapid Design and Costing Solution for Wastewater Treatment Plants

CapdetWorks is the industry’s only software tool for fast and accurate preliminary design and cost estimation of wastewater treatment plant construction projects.

Eliminate cumbersome and time-consuming spreadsheet-based design algorithms.

Simply drag-and-drop unit processes to build a plant schematic with CapdetWorks and it will design the plant and estimate the costs to build, operate and maintain the facility.

By quickly and easily building multiple treatment alternatives to compare relative costs, your planning-level design and costing productivity improves dramatically, leading to better engineering decisions. CapdetWorks utilizes industry-accepted design algorithms to derive the required unit process designs. Sophisticated unit cost estimation techniques are used to size and cost all treatment processes.


User-friendly Interface – It’s easy to build numerous treatment alternatives and compare their relative costs.
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Over 60 Treatment Processes – Covering the entire wastewater treatment plant, including biological nutrient removal. The activated sludge design algorithms are based on the concepts of solids retention time and influent fractionation.
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Cost Existing Plant Designs – Makes it easy to plan for retrofitting or discovering insurance replacement values.

Equipment and Unit Costs – Carefully researched based on discussions with manufacturers, suppliers, and consultants. Costs can easily be kept up-to-date using published cost indices.
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Sensitivity Analysis – Helps you focus and work on parameters that most affect the treatment cost.
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Unsurpassed Support

Tech SupportCapdetWorks has become the design software of choice for the industry because of the responsive technical support, detailed reference documentation, and regular updates.

Phone, email and internet meeting channels provide instant support to clients.