Field Services

TruWinR Field Service Technicians are trained and certified in many different areas of field services. On-Site Flow Meter calibration is performed using meters that are NIST-traceable. Meters sent back for calibration and certification are conducted in TruWinR’s in-house lab. The following parameters can be certified against our NIST-traceable standard: Temperature, Pressure, Flow and Humidity. Contact you TruWinR Rep for information on pricing and to obtain a return authorization number. email, or call 504-500-1322, or FAX 504-303-4740.

Cemtek KVB-Enertec field servicesWe partner with our factory field engineers like those from Cemtek KVB-Enertec in the area of emissions monitoring. They can also support your firm in more ways that you might imagine. We provide the normal factory calibration and maintenance, but we also can help you solve quarterly checks and run calibrations for you. We can look over your CEMs inventory and discuss where you want to be, where you have to be and what is doable. We support every manufacturer’s equipment including, of course, CEMS supplied to you by Cemtek KVB-Enertec, Cemtek Environmental, Cemtek Instruments, but also any you previously sourced from ESC, GE-Enertec, KVB, KVB-Enertec, Horiba, Forney, EMSI, CISCO, Trace, Tescom, Spectrum, Datatest, Thermo Fischer, Air Techniques and many others. Support for all these are part of our arsenal of field services. Read more..

Cemtek KVB-Enertec-1 field servicesWith the recent acquisition of KVB-Enertec, we will soon announce new field services famously supplied by KVB-Enertec. This will nearly double our service offering in emissions monitoring and reporting.
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TruWinR technicians and those of our principal partners like Cemtek KVB-Enertec continue to provide installation, calibration and maintenance for the equipment we supply, but please be aware, we also calibrate and service competitors’ equipment, plus legacy equipment that needs support quickly. This can really be a challenge in many plants as senior analyzer experts retire and budgets are stretched and there is no one on-site anymore to answer questions and provide backup. We provide on-site training, phone supportĀ  and can even arrange dedicated on-site support by our experts on a full time, or quarterly basis. Proper training ensures that newer, less experienced analyzer technicians are confident and capable of handling all the calibration and service activities needed for compliance or process control quickly and accurately. There are many options available so please ask. Contact us at, call 504-500-1322, or FAX 504-303-4740.